outsourcingIs slow cash flow affecting your business?  Slow cash flow can have detrimental effects on your own business’s ability to pay accounts when they are due, it can decrease the opportunities to invest in your own business by reducing the ability to fund growth in your own business which is frustrating and can be very stressful. In addition managing the ‘sales’ role with the ‘collections’ role can be a compromise to maximizing sales or / and collection results. Collect Consultants are experts at reducing the days debtors take to pay whilst improving the relationship with your customer. Collect Consultants have no need to use heavy handed methods instead we preserve relationships whilst improving and maintaining timely collections. In fact the accounts receivable process will become a positive experience for your customers. 

Not everyone has a trained and dedicated Accounts Department and Credit Manager to rely on and collections can become costly because of overdrafts, overdue fees and Bad Debts. Collect Consultants have the expertise, tools and time to maximize collections and you gain a valuable business resource. Not only that but take away the stress, lost productivity and frustration from chasing debtors so you can focus on your business and do what you are best at.  Your customers will appreciate the consistency and approach of our team who can work flexible hours to match the weekly needs of your business.

For business owners who are currently doing their own collections or rely on a bookkeeper are not doing all they can to utilize the opportunities in their debtors ledge, instead collections often become ad hoc and cash flow unpredictable. By engaging Collect Consultants you can also immediately raise the profile of your business by adding an ‘accounts department’ to the business without any of the usual set up costs and commitment required when engaging new staff.  No ledger is too small or too large!!

Saving You Time & Money

About Collect Consultants

Collect Consultants specialize in Debt Collection for small to medium sized businesses that are looking for specialized assistance to collect debts at a minimum cost.

Through understanding our client’s we can provide tailored solutions for their particular debtor issues.



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