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debt collectionIf you have creditors dragging out payments or a debt that you can’t collect then Collect Consultants can help.  We have an 83% success rate prior to litigation and we collect small and large debts.  We charge commission only on the money collected and no collection means no commission.  The commission charged will depend on the value of the debt collected.  We get the debtors to pay in to our client’s account and then we invoice our client.

You should not delay referring debts for collection because the older the debts get the more difficult they become to collect. Delaying the process gives the Creditor time to restructure their affairs so they can avoid paying what they should.  As the debt ages the value of the debt will decrease as it incurs costs for example collection costs and additional bank fees so the older the debt gets the greater the costs.
It can take days, weeks or even months to collect debts particularly if legal action is required.  From the commencement of the process until the end one person remains your contact at Collect Consultants and we will email and call you during the process to ensure you are updated at every stage of the collection process.
The process of notifying us of a delinquent debtor is simple! Our Debt Recovery Form is completed by our client and then either faxed or emailed back to Collect Consultants. Collect Consultants will confirm by email, fax or phone that we have received the documentation and are commencing the collection process.  The more information you can provide us with about your debtor the better – Our Debt Recovery Form lists the type of information ideally required to pursue a debtor and we commence the collection process within 24 hours of receiving your Debt Recovery Form. We then provide weekly updates until the collection is finalized.  Our client’s control the process and Collect Consultants implement it.

If we are unable to find a debtor we can provide a skip tracing service which will only cost our client money if we can identify a current address for the debtor

Saving You Time & Money

About Collect Consultants

Collect Consultants specialize in Debt Collection for small to medium sized businesses that are looking for specialized assistance to collect debts at a minimum cost.

Through understanding our client’s we can provide tailored solutions for their particular debtor issues.



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