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trading termsCollect Consultants can help business to establish Trading Terms for their business which will protect their business against slow paying debtors and the idiosyncrasies of their operation.  Trading Terms can be established at a low cost and will save you thousands of dollars if and when something goes wrong in the future.  Trading Terms are particularly useful to collect contact details (required if something does go wrong in the future), do credit checks and to help ensure informed decisions are made.   It will mean collection costs such as Collects and any Court costs associated with collecting debts are recoupable and processes will be described which describe how issues will be resolved prior to them becoming disputes after an event.

Even a simple set of Signed Trading Terms will protect a business against potentially losses of thousands of dollars when something goes wrong which it usually does and it is often outside of your control to avoid it.  When something does go wrong to have Trading Terms to refer to will strengthen your position, reduce stress significantly and reduce costs associated with arguing an outcome after something goes wrong

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About Collect Consultants

Collect Consultants specialize in Debt Collection for small to medium sized businesses that are looking for specialized assistance to collect debts at a minimum cost.

Through understanding our client’s we can provide tailored solutions for their particular debtor issues.



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